Who Goddess is and why Goddess writes.


My name is Goddess and I am concerned with our world as I see it. I see so much hope in our future and so many lessons from the past that we choose not to learn from.

It is time that we all learned to get along and speak peacefully. The louder child on the playground is not the one who wins. He may feel that he has won, but he may have lost his audience for discussion. I am guilty of not doing this all of the time, being a single parent in my case. It is sometimes impossible to be civil to “he who shall not be named” most of the time because he is not putting in his emotional share or is not doing his part financially as the other part of what should have been a dynamo parent team.

That is why I write.

I write about how I feel so that I can deal with my world and the world that I am forming for my son within the confines of my home and in the world where he is sometimes protected by me, the mother lion, or let free to fight the wolves on his own.

Change is what drives me.

Life will change you only if you allow it to change you. It is far simpler to open yourself to change rather than fight it tooth and nail. Life should change you. Change is not a bad thing. Change should be something we willing accept and we must teach our children that per Otis Redding “change gone come”

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One response to “Who Goddess is and why Goddess writes.

  1. I appreciated learning more about you here! I hope you’ll continue to share your opinions with us! https://www.facebook.com/nourishingthewholechild

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