More to Love

There is a tv show out there that chaps my hide…

It is a reality dating show that centers around an overweight, single man looking for love among a pool of plus-sized women.

I am not happy with this setup.

First off, the Bachelor seems like a bit of a pig (and y’all know I ain’t talking about his waist size). Just looking at him size up (yeah…. pun intended) the women as they came to meet him at the entryway of the mansion where the contestants were to stay had me thinking that he looked like a very hungry dog who just came across a tasty bit of road kill.

The difference to me seems that the slimmer women on the other shows have a whole lot more confidence (or it must be harder to find bigger women willing to be in the nation’s living rooms) than the women on this show they all seem so broken and most of them have managed to break down while talking to the date cam.

I hope they have a therapist and have learned after the Susan Boyle incident that we have to treat all contestants like they are human beings not ratings.


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