Love and tennis balls

“I’m going to shove this ball down your f—— throat”.

Ya know, I watched the replay on this and that was no way near a foot fault.
Yes, Serena let her emotions get the best of her, and she was more than wrong for that, but the line judge said that Serena said she was going to kill her.

I have one thing to say to all of that. Say the right fucking words. (she could messed up even more and said ‘that big black girl said she was going to kill me’. THAT would have been more than wrong. Was it possible that was what she was thinking and that is why she paraphrased instead of just restating the comment by Serena?)  Either way, it should have been done better on both sides.

What she could have said to the officials was. ‘Ms. Williams said that she was going to shove the ball down my f——- throat” and let the judges go from there.  The word “kill” caused more problems than there should have been.
Impose a penalty and fine Serena for her comment and the behavior afterward, but it is time to let that shit go.