Let’s Bring Polite Back

I don’t understand why children go off to college and forget all of their manners. Is that because they are spreading their wings away from the parental nest and want to test the boundaries? Maybe it is because they were raised with no manners. I swear to Goddess, if one more time, I am walking as far to the right as I can and another 19 or 20 year old walks into me acting like I am blocking the road way, the shit is going to hit the proverbial fan.
I don’t know when lack of manners stopped being a rule and being rude became the social norm.
Probably about the time handwriting became an elective in elementary school.
I say that ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ come back into fashion again. Let’s make it a mandatory class in high school like home economics. Teach kids how to cook and sew. How to balance a checkbook and how to open door for people and how to jusy be nice.
I hate to say that we are part of a culture who is hell bent on sending our manners up the road with the dinosaurs.
It’s time we bring old fashion, common sense, respectable ‘boy-don’t-you-make-me -have-to-snatch-you-up-in-public’ manners back.


Exercising to get away from the kids? You Betcha!

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I don’t have time to feel guilty for getting time to myself and away from my familial chaos. I find that when i have time away from the boy genius, I am more sane when he wants me to sit and play an hour of Star Wars on the Wii or Star Wars on the XBOX or just a friendly game of chess *smiles*
My thought is that he is just about to turn 8, and I had better do what I can to stay healthy and in shape as I am going to be doing this for the next 16 years (you don’t see your kids leaving home for good at 18 do you?).

Now that I have confessed, there is one exercise that I would love to get to do more often by myself and that is bike ride. I have a rack on my VW that can hold two bikes but I can’t seem to get myself to believe that it is okay to leave the boy and his bike at home for these riding escapades.

To me, it is like going to see a children’s movie with no children.
I am most sure some of you know how I am feeling.

I have to work on that
*makes note to self*