I know i have mentioned that my ex-husband used to write and record music right? well…..
he came to pick up Milo and told me that he posted a song/video to youtube. I am kinda laughing and kinda appalled, but the song is still flippin’ catchy.

i feel like i have been outed as a Communist of something. what is also interesting is that i don’t care.

note to all:
i sang back up!
note to my LGBQT friends:
he doesn’t hate gay people

This one will bring tears to your eyes! i see music as the saving grace for our nations of the world.
just … imagine…music…teaching…cooperation

Bobby McFerrin walks into a UN meeting and leads them in this demonstration of togetherness and cooperation. no need for interpreters, armed guards, lobbyists, nuclear weapons…..

just hearts and sound. music from within.

why is this so hard to imagine?

now listen to it again from the beginning with your eyes closed and see this happen. if we all do this…

it will