My future: destined to be poor, yet filthy rich in joy

Goddess is in a quandary and truly needs to find her way out FAST!!!!

The Do i really need to be filthy rich with money?
is it necessary that i find a way to be comfortable rather than a person who wipes their ass with 50’s?
i have had this sinking feeling over the past few weeks that i am going to be “not rich” for the rest of my life. it’s actually depressing to sit and think about all the great things you have to offer then realize that you may have to take a vow of poverty to achieve that success.

i want to give back to my community, to my family, to people i love.
i don’t want to do it while having to collect cans and bottles to eat.

i am running into a shortfall for income and i now have to look into going back into the corporate world. i know that i will be so horribly miserable if i go back. i won’t last long. i need to feel that the services i offer are worth enough that those willing to partake in them are willing to come out of pocket just a little bit.

i just don’t feel in my heart that people nowadays understand what is truly important.

here is a list

run a website called . it is geared toward being a one stop shop for parents in the local area to locate resources and support groups. you know things that HELP

offer finishing school for children. children are so rude and nasty today. there is a definite need to correct the behaviors of the future of our world

open a daycare. daycare really translates into “i’ll watch your kid, you pay me barely nothing and i get to take your shit and worry about whether you are going to close me down because you THINK i have the POTENTIAL for abuse or neglect because you are having trouble pulling the plank out of your own eye”

i am growing sad and even more sad as the day passes.

something has to change. my negativity is growing and quite frankly, i may just need a desk job to keep my head afloat while i continue to dream about helping people that really don’t give a shit about what they actually could benefit from.

because you know help is ALWAYS free. handouts are ALWAYS the job of someone else. and what’s yours is ALWAYS mine. didn’t they teach you that in finishing school.


what would happen if we had to pay for EVERYTHING

We would not be able to flush our own shit people!

Credit is what built this nation and many would like to see us never have to worry about things being charge out, over or off for the greater good.

I have been very ill as of late and if I had to pay full price for all of the doctor’s visits, cat scans, x-rays, prescriptions, blood tests and the like, I would have filed for bankruptcy about 2 weeks into it.

There is no way that we, as an American people would be able to help one another enough with the way we think if we had no welfare, no VA, no medical, no Medicare. everything would work on donations from the rich (yeah the people who don’t want to share now) or from those who have not filed for protection from creditors if they had to pocket the cost of the roads they drive on, the water they drink, the sewer that takes away all of their household waste.

How would we survive?

I know there is no easy fix to the health care crisis but to take big business out of it.
If companies were in this to help people, there would be no problem with health care. when you stretch out your procedures and wait painfully long times to do trials and then an even longer time to announce results and findings just to make sure your pockets stay lined so your kids can spend 4 years at Princeton smoking pot, drinking booze, and waiting for a seat to be cleared for their job that mommy or daddy bought them, it is next to impossible to keep the bottom lines of big business out of our bodies.

The only people suffering right now are the lower, middle and upper middle class people of the United States. I don’t have the numbers in my head right now, but that is a majority of America people!

The best way to work on preservation is to work on what you have in your little world.
1. Plant a garden with food that you can manage
2. Can and preserve what you can
3. Get to know your neighbors… WELL
4. Work on a coop where you share what you cannot eat, can or preserve with your neighbors. If you all are growing different types of foods, just imagine how far that can go.
5. Co-op childcare so that you will not have to pay every single last time you make in child care costs
6. Use the public schools for their purpose
7. be active in your cities and towns. Join the school council, run for mayor, become a councilperson.
8. Don’t be afraid to speak your own thoughts but DO NOT SHOUT THEM! Lately, so many people are yelling that the children are beginning to get scared and the dogs are running to the corners to hide.
9. Have faith that things can and will change. Don’t give up because of a hard time trying implementing a plan.
10. SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE! Do not hoard what you know. Do not be ashamed or embarrassed having information that might sound silly at first but if put with other great minds can cause great change.

This is a living list

If we all live it and bring it to life, there should be no problem with changing the world we see it and work from ‘needs’ portion of the list instead of the ‘wants’.

We all have choices to make.
We all have change to effect.
We all have a right to a peaceful.
We all have a right to stay healthy.

We all have a right to work alone or together but rule number 10 says it might be a good idea to occasionally pop out of your burrow to share the information with others.

The School saga continues

Corporate America does not give a flying wet noodle about their employees trying to better themselves.
I am trying to get into the classes that I need and i have a bit of a dilemna.

3 days a week for the semester, i need to leave 30 minutes early in order to make it to my 430 start classes. I have spoken to a few people and they say that they will not be able to work with me on that because i work in an office full of people who would want the same thing if they gave it to me.
what i would want to see if them present their supervisors with the same quest i have . it is my senior year, i have 7 more classes to take and i am ready, signed up and even have a scholarship for help.
in just one day, i went from asking for very little to asking for an unpaid leave of absence to wanting to turn in my resignation. i want to finish school THAT BAD!!!!!

i supposed i needed to speak for myself. my manager asked a question of a peer and she did not translate it properly and now it looks like i might be able to work it out. now is not the time to be unemployed i agree, but this dream i am chasing will not slip from my hands.

i am still working on my plan as if they are not going to give me time and i am going to speak to the department chair to try and work it out to get into an evening program to finish my coursework.

it is time. my time. milo’s time.


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A reason why we CANNOT agree to any offer right now.

My staff and I plan to use these messages as a way to directly communicate about important issues and opportunities, and today I have some encouraging updates about health care reform.

The Vice President and I just met with leaders from the House of Representatives and received their commitment to pass a comprehensive health care reform bill by July 31.

We also have an unprecedented commitment from health care industry leaders, many of whom opposed health reform in the past. Monday, I met with some of these health care stakeholders, and they pledged to do their part to reduce the health care spending growth rate, saving more than two trillion dollars over the next ten years — around $2,500 for each American family. Then on Tuesday, leaders from some of America’s top companies came to the White House to showcase innovative ways to reduce health care costs by improving the health of their workers.

Now the House and Senate are beginning a critical debate that will determine the health of our nation’s economy and its families. This process should be transparent and inclusive and its product must drive down costs, assure quality and affordable health care for everyone, and guarantee all of us a choice of doctors and plans.

Reforming health care should also involve you. Think of other people who may want to stay up to date on health care reform and other national issues and tell them to join us here:

Health care reform can’t come soon enough. We spend more on health care than any country, but families continue to struggle with skyrocketing premiums and nearly 46 million are without insurance entirely. It is a priority for the American people and a pillar of the new foundation we are seeking to build for our economy.

We’ll continue to keep you posted about this and other important issues.

Thank you,
Barack Obama

P.S. If you’d like to get more in-depth information about health reform and how you can participate, be sure to visit .


The Modern Depression

Let me give you a little meat and potatoes on what folks keep calling a “recession”.
We are not in a recession folks. We are in a DEPRESSION.
Times are so bad now that when you see folks dropping off their children at school and they have a bunch of furniture loaded into the back of their truck that child is not going home at the end of the day.

People are out of food.

Senior Citizens cannot afford their oil for heat or their prescriptions.

This, my people, is a DEPRESSION.
Where people are walking away from their homes because there is no money in the banks to help them refinance and make their payments lower or more manageable.

Can you smell a Depression here?
This depression is different than the last depression we had in the 30s. This is a modern depression. We still have the technological advancements that make it seem like we are just having a downturn in the economy, but being one of lower middle class folks, I know times are hard. We have the “things” that make us feel we have been successful so we feel safe. Internet, Wi-Fi and Cable TV does not a safe economy make.

Bernanke decides that we are going to come out of this recession near the end of ’09. WTF???? No way. Businesses may come out of the recession, but the people who all lost their jobs and the families that are now living in cars and shelters because of downsizing will not recover by the end of ’09.

We, my people, are in a Depression.

I do not foresee a recovery for the working stiff for the next 3 years.
How can Bernanke even open his mouth and talk about business recovering (the same folks that got us here in the first place) and not speak about and to the people and about OUR recovery. The only person who has been speaking about a recovery for the people and not the businesses has bee our President and we all know he doesn’t have a lot of friends in Congress. Everyone seems to be thinking only of the big businesses and worry that anything that will help the people spells increasing taxes for business. I say so what! It is time you pay for dragging us down with you. Please remember, that we did loan you the money to get out of the hole you dug.

I am a patient woman most of the time and I have tried to be patient about this, but now is the time for us to help ourselves. It seems that most of government is not on our side and only on the side of their wallets and bank accounts.

Lord help us. We will pull through because we have been in this bad situation for quite some time but we have to do it together.

Just like most grass roots activists say. Talk to the people what don’t want to listen and then talk to to the people who will listen and will put a bug in the ear of the folks who don’t.

They need to be reminded that there are people down here. The people they call their constituents. the same people on whose backs they are standing on . The same people on whose shoulders they leave their political mud on who need help now. Not later.

Change is good.
Don’t run from it.
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Technical snag but i still support my union.

WOW! I have to try not to be pissed when I sit here unable to sign on to the union meeting that is being held online. grrrrrr

something tells me that I am just going to have to wait and watch a recorded version of the biggest union meeting in the history of the CWA union.

I registered, I waited for the instructions and I went to the site and logged on around the designated time and I am still hour glassing after 45 minutes.

hmmmmm. Did they do a test run? nah.

Today at work must have been the last straw for the management staff. They are on call and ready for anything and the company starts to refer to them as lesser employees by trying to get the union members to get their drift by telling us that what they are asking from us is far better than the shitty plan they stuck their managers with. Usually, you see comments on the company sites about union bargaining littered with messages from managers saying good things about the company. After they dogged out the managers two days in a row by mentioning that the health plan they have sucks rocks, they finally lashed out.

I was waiting for Big Brother to swoop down and wipe out the messages, but not today…I think the company computer guy must have gone on a vacation… or has stopped following the company rule of wipe-it-out-if-it’s-not-towing-the-company-line.

Some of the comments really got me thinking about how management gets screwed and how we cannot be mean to them because part of their job requirement is to follow company policy and work during strike.

Does it make you anti-company if you don’t subscribe to all of the company’s policies?

Maybe it is time for the managers to consider walking out with us. Now that would stick it to the corporation. From what I understand, managers have a 2500 deductible which means that they have to see the doctor a total of 65 visits per year in order to have the company pick up the tab at that point. Some of the comments from the managers stated that the only cost savings they had from their medical plan was the small discount they got on each doctor visit price.
If there were to be any type of catastrophic illness a family would be wiped out by having to pay medical bills up front before the company would take over and pay their share.

I am very disappointed by ATT for the way they have put down their management staff as well as the core wire line persons who keep this business running even if we aren’t making as much money for them as we used to.
What the union and the company need to do is come to an agreement that is fair for ALL employees.

Why not have the employees, managers and executives share the medical cost. I think that if they worked it out, it would balance out quite well.

Shame on ATT

What you can do as an angry consumer…

There is no reason for the credit card companies to make us pay twice to keep them profitable. We bail them out and then they raise our fees on our credit cards.

Do you smell poo?
I do!

It is time for the American Public to stop bitching and complaining about what is going on and take action.

Close the accounts at those institutions that have taken a bailout and screwed you twice by raising your fees.
They need to know that we will move our business elsewhere if we are not treated fairly.

Pay your minimum balances only because now is not the time to worry about paying off your credit cards if you do not have AT LEAST 8 months of living expenses in the bank.

If you lose your job and you cannot afford your credit card payments then you will be screwed if you don’t have an ability to pay your bills in the bank (or under your mattress, depending on your level of trust with the banks).

If you are so over your head in debt don’t feel bad about talking to a lawyer about filing for bankruptcy.
In no way do I see anything that resembles a CONSUMER BAILOUT coming down the pipe in the near future so it is time to take our finances into our own hands and recover along with the banks.

We have already paid them once in the bailout, there is no reason why we should have to pay them again because they are being greedy like spoiled children.

Take charge,


Why strike?

Why strike?

50 years ago, strikes were important
there 470 strikes in 1952

just last year there were only 50 strikes of more than 1000 employees

there is a better way to assist in change for us and for the union. i believe the media is our best form of leverage in changing what we want at our jobs.

we all know what is going wrong at ATT . why not blow the whistle on them?

now is the time to use what you find against a company.

there is so much that the public is unaware of. things that they might want to know.

say the 5000 jobs that were brought back to America. ATT created jobs in new call centers and then PURCHASED the contract call centers in India!

think about it. they now own the centers in India and can do what they want.
instead of the customers getting Prahad and Bhagavad for DSL support questions they now get Dick and Susie from Wisconsin. The downside to this is now the internal customer, read: employees can now spend countless non-productive ours at work attempting to garner assistance for their computer and technical issues.

for example, i have had a phone down at my desk since about the 14th of March. we no longer have a number to call first to expedite assistance with work related technical issues, we have to go online and create a ticket number.

that ticket is funneled through Georgia and most likely ends up in Madhapur India where mine did. I post no ill will to the workers in India. they need jobs too, but training is very important when dealing with company infrastructure.

I have a soft phone or what most people would call VOIP at my desk. one down side to it is that it is not VOIP but instead a soft phone that uses an ISDN circuit. this leads to many problems. instead of all of the system being virtual, most of it is.

technical assistance is only offered for the virtual phone. I knew after changing out equipment, doing downloads, updating, installing and uninstalling etc, that it was a physical problem that needed a telephone technician to repair.

I would figure that i know this because i know a little about phones as i work for the phone company. meh!

still i prescribed to the company idea that that trouble ticket i opened would eventually be turned into a work order and a tech would come out.

i got an email message on Wednesday from a ‘tech’ saying he would be at my desk.
it was the company computer guy. he did an un-install, install, update yada yada yada. i think you get the picture. before he even sat down, he knew that he was not going to be able to help. obviously, he had been here done this’ before.

he still took his 25 minutes assigned to prove out the program issue.

1 down… how many more to go?

he closed my ticket.
there would be no other person coming out.
i now had to create another ticket.
i got to Georgia this time. that is Georgia in the US and not Georgia in the Ukraine 🙂
i sat at my desk and had them access my computer remotely to download a new push into the equipment that i had already changed out and tested at another station and had proved out that it wasn’t the equipment.
she did her best. i thanked her proficiently, she said she would watch the ticket closely and the then she referred it back to the company computer guy.

he got a message from me that said “don’t bother to come out. enjoy your lunch”

it was at this time that i tried to take a familiar path.
i called REPAIR!!!!!
me and the rep on the line had a good laugh. she knew she couldn’t help me and i knew too, but i just had to vent to someone who actually understood the ridiculousness of the whole situation.

i told her that all i wanted was a warm body with a tool belt to come on down and fix my phone. the guy with the clipboard was wasting his time.

she laughed, i laughed . it was all good.

by now, Georgia had closed my ticket.
Hello again to limbo.
so my boss overhears me making the warm body and a tool belt comment and decides that it is time for him to step and an be more professional. hahahahaha
it was time to allow my manager to feel my pain.
i could not get an answer from him in the beginning, but somehow he felt that he could get things moving for me now.

i have never enjoyed a watching a man squirm as much as i did this day. hahahahaha!
i followed him to his office and watched him go through all the motions. he was not nice for long. i was sitting there waiting for his bells palsy to come back he was so stressed!
after he asked for a manager a couple of times and got his nose bit a couple of times, he tells me that he has a tech coming out on Monday.

stay tuned. ..

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