My future: destined to be poor, yet filthy rich in joy

Goddess is in a quandary and truly needs to find her way out FAST!!!!

The Do i really need to be filthy rich with money?
is it necessary that i find a way to be comfortable rather than a person who wipes their ass with 50’s?
i have had this sinking feeling over the past few weeks that i am going to be “not rich” for the rest of my life. it’s actually depressing to sit and think about all the great things you have to offer then realize that you may have to take a vow of poverty to achieve that success.

i want to give back to my community, to my family, to people i love.
i don’t want to do it while having to collect cans and bottles to eat.

i am running into a shortfall for income and i now have to look into going back into the corporate world. i know that i will be so horribly miserable if i go back. i won’t last long. i need to feel that the services i offer are worth enough that those willing to partake in them are willing to come out of pocket just a little bit.

i just don’t feel in my heart that people nowadays understand what is truly important.

here is a list

run a website called . it is geared toward being a one stop shop for parents in the local area to locate resources and support groups. you know things that HELP

offer finishing school for children. children are so rude and nasty today. there is a definite need to correct the behaviors of the future of our world

open a daycare. daycare really translates into “i’ll watch your kid, you pay me barely nothing and i get to take your shit and worry about whether you are going to close me down because you THINK i have the POTENTIAL for abuse or neglect because you are having trouble pulling the plank out of your own eye”

i am growing sad and even more sad as the day passes.

something has to change. my negativity is growing and quite frankly, i may just need a desk job to keep my head afloat while i continue to dream about helping people that really don’t give a shit about what they actually could benefit from.

because you know help is ALWAYS free. handouts are ALWAYS the job of someone else. and what’s yours is ALWAYS mine. didn’t they teach you that in finishing school.


Don’t bully the Presidency

My dearest Americans,

We have to take into consideration the fact that some may be disappointed that Obama is president, but we have to stop shitting on the Presidency. I have never in my life heard more shit talk and bull about the agenda of the government. What agenda? The one where the good of the American people is at the heart of many genuine debates as well as the focus of legislation?

When did America become so stupid about what goes on in this country?
Do these naysayers actually think that things are going to get better if they bully the healthcare reform packages and bills out of existence?
No one is out there to brainwash your kids. If you don’t want them being a part of a televised program with the President, for the love of Pete, please don’t sign the permission slip.
For fucks sake folks, it is time we stop tring to create an agenda around the fact that we have a Black man as president. I really feel this is where much of the ‘concern’ comes from. There can be no way that this many conservatives have come out of the wood works to address the threat that the president (this time around, a Black man) is to them.
I honestly think that it is time for President Obama to stop playing Mr. Rogers and bust some balls. Things are NEVER going to change if you try to work with people who refuse to budge. Mind you, there are some people who are willing to compromise and work on changes to our nation but the home grown “God as my witness” gun toting people at the town meetings must find a better way to get their point across.

I get the feeling that there are many people who would love to see our President as dead as all 4 Kennedy brothers , but where will we ever grow as a nation if we cannot find a better way to reason our our differences?
It makes me sad to know that in a country as great as ours, we cannot get together to discuss politics (and politics ONLY) without it turning into a shouting match.

It is fine time that America grow up,keep religion out of politics and listen to the common sense that comes from the people in office at this present time.

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leave him alone

If he tries anything different, the powers that be will shoot him down again. There is a reason why the Dems have the majority. He is thinking of the American people and what is best for the middle class (which is a majority of the people who truly have no voice). And it is just not the president. It is many others. He didn’t write the health care bill. It was written by Ted Kennedy and some other guy. Last time someone spoke up for the people, they had him and his brother assassinated. Think about that.
It’s not the President with a bad plan, it is the corporations afraid of getting up off a little money and their ability and willingness to do WHATEVER they can to keep their status quo.
it’s not about the presidency… It is about the special interest groups. Climb out of Obama’s ass America!
I say we can’t argue this plan into the ground. Don’t get me started. Change was not meant to make everyone happy and I wasn’t meant to satisfy all. Change also was not meant to be easy. Life will never be what it was before this last financial crisis. We have forgotten how to depend and lean on one another. Our legislators and politicians need to stop thinking about their bottom line and start thinking about the single parent homes and seniors eating cat food and the fact that nothing is free, but things should be affordable. There is no love in this battle just a bunch of cock blocking and posturing. I think it is utter BS

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What you can do as an angry consumer…

There is no reason for the credit card companies to make us pay twice to keep them profitable. We bail them out and then they raise our fees on our credit cards.

Do you smell poo?
I do!

It is time for the American Public to stop bitching and complaining about what is going on and take action.

Close the accounts at those institutions that have taken a bailout and screwed you twice by raising your fees.
They need to know that we will move our business elsewhere if we are not treated fairly.

Pay your minimum balances only because now is not the time to worry about paying off your credit cards if you do not have AT LEAST 8 months of living expenses in the bank.

If you lose your job and you cannot afford your credit card payments then you will be screwed if you don’t have an ability to pay your bills in the bank (or under your mattress, depending on your level of trust with the banks).

If you are so over your head in debt don’t feel bad about talking to a lawyer about filing for bankruptcy.
In no way do I see anything that resembles a CONSUMER BAILOUT coming down the pipe in the near future so it is time to take our finances into our own hands and recover along with the banks.

We have already paid them once in the bailout, there is no reason why we should have to pay them again because they are being greedy like spoiled children.

Take charge,


Strike vs Lockout information from Wikepedia

A lockout is a work stoppage in which an employer prevents employees from working. This is different from a strike, in which employees refuse to work.

A lockout may happen for several reasons. When only part of a trade union votes to strike, the purpose of a lockout is to put pressure on a union by reducing the number of members who are able to work. For example, if a group of the workers strike so that the work of the rest of the workers becomes impossible or less productive, the employer may declare a lockout until the workers end the strike.

Another case in which an employer may impose a lockout is to avoid slowdowns or intermittent work-stoppages. Occupation of factories has been the traditional method of response to lock-outs by the workers’ movement.

Other times, particularly in the United States, a lockout occurs when union membership rejects the company’s last and final offer at negotiations and offers to return to work under the same conditions of employment as existed under the now expired contract. In such a case, the lockout is designed to pressure the workers into accepting the terms of the company’s last offer.

The term lockin refers to the practice of physically preventing workers from leaving a workplace. In most jurisdictions this is illegal but is occasionally reported, especially in some developing countries.

In the United States, under Federal labor law, an employer may only hire temporary replacements during a lockout. In a strike, unless it is an unfair labor practice (ULP) strike, an employer may legally hire permanent replacements. Also, in many U.S. states, employees who are locked-out are eligible to receive unemployment benefits, but are not eligible for such benefits during a strike.[citation needed]

For the above reasons, many American employers have historically been reluctant to impose lockouts, instead attempting to provoke a strike. However, as American unions have increasingly begun to resort to slowdowns rather than strikes, lockouts have come “back in fashion” for many employers, and even as incident of strikes are on the decline, incidents of lockouts are on the rise in the U.S.[citation needed]

Recent notable lockout incidents have been reported in professional sports, notably involving the National Basketball Association in the 1998–99 season the National Hockey League in the 1994–95 and 2004–05 seasons.

The NLRB National Labor Relations Board has the authority to investigate and remedy unfair labor practices, which are defined in Section 8 of the Act. In broad terms, the NLRA National Labor Relations Act makes it unlawful for an employer to:

  • interfere with, restrain, or coerce employees in the exercise of their rights to engage in protected concerted activity or union activities or refrain from them (concerted activity is any activity where two or more employees act in concert to protect rights provided for in the Act, whether or not a union exists),
  • to dominate or interfere with the formation or administration of a labor organization
  • to discriminate against employees for engaging in concerted or union activities or refraining from them,
  • to discriminate against an employee for filing charges with the NLRB or taking part in any NLRB proceedings
  • to refuse to bargain with the union that is the lawful representative of its employees.

The Act similarly bars unions from:

  • restraining or coercing employees in the exercise of their rights or an employer in the choice of its bargaining representative
  • causing an employer to discriminate against an employee,
  • refusing to bargain with the employer of the employees it represents
  • engaging in certain types of secondary boycotts
  • requiring excessive dues
  • engaging in featherbedding
  • picketing for recognition for more than thirty days without petitioning for an election,
  • entering into “hot cargo” agreements
  • striking or picketing a health care establishment without giving the required notice.

Applying this general language to the real world requires, in the words of Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter, “distinctions more nice than obvious”. The substantive law applied by the NLRB is described elsewhere under specific headings devoted to particular topics.

Not every unfair act amounts to an unfair labor practice; as an example, failing to pay an individual worker overtime pay for hours worked in excess of forty hours in a week might be a violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act, but it is unlikely to amount to an unfair labor practice as well. Similarly, a violation of a collective bargaining agreement, standing alone, may not constitute an unfair labor practice unless the employer has not only violated the contract but repudiated all or part of it.

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