The school from hell

there is such a thing as a poor education. i have seen it in a few instances in my life.
a parent sometimes thinks that they are doing the right thing by their children by putting them in schools that push academics.
there is so much more than academics. there is the heart of a child. i see no reason whatsoever for my child to be in a school where they rank academics and numbers over your child.

I’m sorry but to have your child in a school where a majority of the teachers don’t even have children of their own is a problem.
My son goes to a school where academics are paramount but the teachers have it stuck in their minds that the children can recognize, and modify behavior on their own.
my son was in the office when i got there today.
he pulled a yellow for staring off into space
he pulled a blue for talking in line
he pulled an orange for talking in the library
he pulled a red for talking in line again
and he pulled a black for playing with his pants during reading time.
the black got him sent to detention in the office. not to the principal where they could have a discussion about the actions that got them there in the first place.
the teacher does nothing but tell the child they are going to pull a card. granted, the child does know why they are pulling the card after the fact.
the child is not building upon any lessons given to them from the teacher.

my son is listening and does not need to see the teacher to learning.
teachers want children rapt with excited anticipation at the next word that will come out of their minds.
how do you teach a blind student who can’t see you?
how do you teach a Deaf student who can’t hear you?

you don’t send them to the office if they are getting the lesson and not causing a distraction.

…The School That Shall Not Be Named is a non-profit organization that opens and operates small, high-performing public charter schools that are preparing the most under served students for college. We provide our educators with the tools and support they need to provide a high quality, personalized education for every The School That Shall Not Be Named student. Our small schools and small classes give you the chance to know every student and his/her family at a personal level. Our network of schools across the state provide you with incredible opportunities to grow personally and professionally in various roles across the organization. We hope you join us in this important work for the children of California!

i am so glad i knew when to run. for my child’s sake and for mine.



*sings like MJ* she’s outta my life……

I have had to come up with a truly defined reason as to why i am going to have to let DD go.

my son.

he is a very caring giving child. hell, he is 9 and he still carries around his teddy bear in the house and to sleepovers. the issue that we have in my home is that DD is so very reactive that she has become a very shiny object for my son to hunt down and bat around every time she comes around.

it has caused so much grief and upheaval in the home. it is fine time that he learn to be quiet. but because of all of her absolutely insane behavior, he has taken a stance that she either doesn’t matter to anyone so he can just take after her or that she obviously wants the attention so why not?

i am convinced that her incorrigible behavior is contagious. she has taken my little chocolate mild-mannered Clark Kent and turned him into the freakin’ Goblin.

he zooms in and out of her world tormenting her like seagulls at the end of a potato chip festival. you get my drift?
swooping and diving and not too careful about who they crash into. just so they can get the loot.

i know that we might have been the Alamo for DD.

i pray to God that i am wrong


As promised… A new blog series…

I have decided to go back to blogging. I have started a new chapter in my life. One that includes managing the lives of those whose lives have either been poorly managed or whose lives have never been managed well by the adults entrusted to their well-being.


It seemed pretty easy when I signed up with the agency. I was gung-ho. I had worked through it with my then 8-year-old and he was on board. All we had to do was wait…
And wait we did. No calls. No letters. No updates. If anything, we had false starts and failed communication. This was no one’s fault though. This is how it goes when you have multiple agencies trying to place a child as quickly as possible.

Then came the call and the request.

“You can meet her Gracie at the Christmas party.”

I asked how old this child was and they said 14.
Hmmmmmm…… 14.
I raised my niece from 15 to 19. This couldn’t be that hard.

I met the girl at the party and she seemed nice enough. I met the family that she lived with and it seemed okay.
I let them know that she could come stay with me…….
Little did I know what I was getting myself into.

This new blog series entitled “My daughter in a haze” is about my foster daughter. She is enchanting, very clever, loves to tell stories and is remarkably angry.
I discovered these things along the way during her stay with my son and I.

It has opened my eyes to a world I knew about but had never participated in as a parent.

My life is forever changed.

I have yet to check my feelings on this one.

Stay tuned.


Ever want to feel like you walked into a clan meeting?

howdy! come on down to Marie’s Donuts, located in the middle of a predominantly minority area of North Highlands CA

Marie's Donuts

Marie's Donuts

with a church on either side of it. bring your family but keep the dark ones quiet.

you can’t go wrong with what i believe are the best donuts in the world. on any given day, you can walk in and watch WWII veterans talking about the war over a .40 cup of joe. you can be greeted by the wonderful aroma of freshly prepared donuts. it used to be a safe place where everyone was polite and still used their southern manners. it used to be a wonderful place that i would visit with my dad when i was a child.

he knew the donuts there were the best and i have since come to agree with that opinion.

however, what i am not feeling too good about is the change in the atmosphere since the election of 2008 or as some, those who don’t want change in America, would like to call it… Armageddon.

there are lines drawn in the sand there where it used to be a place where everyone knew your name and respect was given in kind.
i got cut in front of twice this morning, but i felt that i could say nothing because then i would just be living up to the expectations of a room full of ‘birthers’ who still believe our 44rd president is not a citizen of the United States and that he wants to take over the US and change the name to the USRA -the United Socialist Republik of Amerika-
when is it i get to wild out again on the folks that consume me with a rage so deep seated that i want to hit them with sticks, not caring about what i will look like in the end?

good thing is i don’t want to be that way. bad thing is i wish i could. i don’t want to be labeled the bad nigger. i don’t want to be the stereotypical black who has no respect for themselves or for anyone else that isn’t on welfare and collecting the poor white man’s hard earned money.

i wish things could go back to the way they were too. but for one reason only.

i want to go back to a time when you were not so angry with us because there was no minority holding the highest office of power in OUR country.
not back to a time when we could all get along because you felt that you were superior. back to a time when yessir and yes’m was the way it was agreed we would respond to you to avoid having our homes burned down, our husbands hung by the oak tree or at the gallows in the center of town. back to a time when our families would not be sold and broken apart if you could take our wives into your bedrooms. back to a time when you could whip us with the same device you used to herd cattle, because we looked up when we should have been looking down.
back to yesterday that we have fought so hard to change.

i want to just say ‘suck it up! your guy lost and our guy won.’ but that is not the case.

through the election process, someone had to get elected. this time it juuuuuuust happened to be a man of color. this is how it is. this is the result of the election. i know more young white Americans voted for President Obama than you can shake a stick at. he was not voted into office by a bunch of uppity nigrahs. he was voted into office by a majority of the people in this country who are open to change and pursuit of happiness.

all in HOPE that there will be a better future for their children… our children… everyone’s children.

thanks to Marie’s Donuts for providing North Highlands with the best donuts on the planet for a great price, but here’s to hoping some of your patrons from Rio Linda keep the hate mongering and rudeness to themselves.


Some of not Black America is pissed…

…truth be told, i cannot believe that certain people are unable to accept change. i think that a majority of us were taught to roll with it and accept that change happens. in the ’80s it used to be ‘shit happens’.

yes. things change.
they just do.
people change.
time changes.
minds change.

the weather… that changes.

but when the sky turns gray and the rain begins to fall, do you march on the Vatican or the Temples of the Mormon church or at Oral Roberts University because you can’t handle the change?


you deal with it, put on your damn raincoats and head on out into the world.

i just want to point out a few things.

President Obama is not a BLACK MAN.
he is not a witch doctor.
he is not a reincarnation of Adolf Hitler
he is not Satan and he is not the Messiah

he is a MAN who won the presidential election of 2008.

he is the President.

we have to stop talking shit. NOTHING is getting done because we choose to sit around and bicker and complain about the change he promised us because it does not fit into the round hole.

we do not march down Pennsylvania Ave to stand outside the capitol because we are pissed that our guy didn’t win.
we put on our freaking rain coats and bend with the wind.

“I haven’t laughed so hard since Katie Couric interviewed Sarah Palin. A few thousand white folks called in sick to work last week so they could parade around the nation’s capital on Saturday and Fox News declares a revolution is underway. “

hell, some of us need to put on our waders and bring an umbrella too (there may be a few who need to put the foil back on their heads)!
but we just need to get out into the world and weather the “storm”
what that storm brings to you, and what you are willing to accept is the question.
is it going to wash away your crops or is it going to bring sustaining moisture to allow you to grow what you and your community needs?

however you take it is up to you…

put your waders on and put your pacifiers down America and let’s get this country chuggin’ again!


Judge not, lest ye be judged.

Who are you accountable for (excepting your children until they turn 18 and move out into the world)?

You and only you.

Too many people are making mistakes that are tied to their jobs, their affiliations, their nations, and the color of your skin.
It is time we started back to the day when we worried about not WHEN but WHERE our moms would come out and smack us in the head for not thinking clearly or opening our mouths and saying shit we KNOW we shouldn’t say.

The time is now to make changes in our lives that affect only ourselves and not the people or entities around us. Too many people judge not just you but what you might represent or who you hang out with by your actions alone.

You must be smart when you are hanging onto the reputation of any business or organization that is not yours. Same thing with the “you lie!” senator Wilson.

We have to be cautious about our actions especially when we are in the public eye.

ACORN is not an organization that should be brought down in flames by employees who make mistakes and an activist filmmaker. If you saw the video clip of the pimp and the prostitute, you would have played along with them as well if they came into your office. The pimp had on the hat, the coat and the can that EVERYONE would draw if they were asked to do so of a pimp and a ho.
True accountability sometimes means shutting your damn mouth. We should raise our kids this way and society should hold them accountable as individuals and not the organization they are affiliated with.

what would happen if we had to pay for EVERYTHING

We would not be able to flush our own shit people!

Credit is what built this nation and many would like to see us never have to worry about things being charge out, over or off for the greater good.

I have been very ill as of late and if I had to pay full price for all of the doctor’s visits, cat scans, x-rays, prescriptions, blood tests and the like, I would have filed for bankruptcy about 2 weeks into it.

There is no way that we, as an American people would be able to help one another enough with the way we think if we had no welfare, no VA, no medical, no Medicare. everything would work on donations from the rich (yeah the people who don’t want to share now) or from those who have not filed for protection from creditors if they had to pocket the cost of the roads they drive on, the water they drink, the sewer that takes away all of their household waste.

How would we survive?

I know there is no easy fix to the health care crisis but to take big business out of it.
If companies were in this to help people, there would be no problem with health care. when you stretch out your procedures and wait painfully long times to do trials and then an even longer time to announce results and findings just to make sure your pockets stay lined so your kids can spend 4 years at Princeton smoking pot, drinking booze, and waiting for a seat to be cleared for their job that mommy or daddy bought them, it is next to impossible to keep the bottom lines of big business out of our bodies.

The only people suffering right now are the lower, middle and upper middle class people of the United States. I don’t have the numbers in my head right now, but that is a majority of America people!

The best way to work on preservation is to work on what you have in your little world.
1. Plant a garden with food that you can manage
2. Can and preserve what you can
3. Get to know your neighbors… WELL
4. Work on a coop where you share what you cannot eat, can or preserve with your neighbors. If you all are growing different types of foods, just imagine how far that can go.
5. Co-op childcare so that you will not have to pay every single last time you make in child care costs
6. Use the public schools for their purpose
7. be active in your cities and towns. Join the school council, run for mayor, become a councilperson.
8. Don’t be afraid to speak your own thoughts but DO NOT SHOUT THEM! Lately, so many people are yelling that the children are beginning to get scared and the dogs are running to the corners to hide.
9. Have faith that things can and will change. Don’t give up because of a hard time trying implementing a plan.
10. SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE! Do not hoard what you know. Do not be ashamed or embarrassed having information that might sound silly at first but if put with other great minds can cause great change.

This is a living list

If we all live it and bring it to life, there should be no problem with changing the world we see it and work from ‘needs’ portion of the list instead of the ‘wants’.

We all have choices to make.
We all have change to effect.
We all have a right to a peaceful.
We all have a right to stay healthy.

We all have a right to work alone or together but rule number 10 says it might be a good idea to occasionally pop out of your burrow to share the information with others.

leave him alone

If he tries anything different, the powers that be will shoot him down again. There is a reason why the Dems have the majority. He is thinking of the American people and what is best for the middle class (which is a majority of the people who truly have no voice). And it is just not the president. It is many others. He didn’t write the health care bill. It was written by Ted Kennedy and some other guy. Last time someone spoke up for the people, they had him and his brother assassinated. Think about that.
It’s not the President with a bad plan, it is the corporations afraid of getting up off a little money and their ability and willingness to do WHATEVER they can to keep their status quo.
it’s not about the presidency… It is about the special interest groups. Climb out of Obama’s ass America!
I say we can’t argue this plan into the ground. Don’t get me started. Change was not meant to make everyone happy and I wasn’t meant to satisfy all. Change also was not meant to be easy. Life will never be what it was before this last financial crisis. We have forgotten how to depend and lean on one another. Our legislators and politicians need to stop thinking about their bottom line and start thinking about the single parent homes and seniors eating cat food and the fact that nothing is free, but things should be affordable. There is no love in this battle just a bunch of cock blocking and posturing. I think it is utter BS

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going back to school

Oh the horror of considering going back to school and being disappointed by what you think are your failures.
I have not failed. I have triumphed. I have managed to leave a destructive relationship, found a love of myself that I still battle with, but am growing more comfortable with day by day. I am proud of myself for taking a risk and coming here today. I sit in a room filled with many people who are noticeably younger than me but I cannot let that bother me. I will press through and continue to make strides toward the future that I want for my son and I.
I feel like I have wasted my time in junior college because I have what feels like nothing to show for my hard work. I had to take a break and call my Auntie Terrie for a kick in the ass. Necessary? Hell yeah. I am sick of my job at ATT. It is time to go. It is time to not be at a place in my life where I want to run but have nowhere to go. I want a place to run, so I will be able to take refuge in a place of solace.
So I have had my good cry… I have taken my time to fall apart. I have been through a fire drill and I am set.

This is MY choice. This is MY life. This is MY change. This is MY future.

Stay tuned…


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This work is licensed under a
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What you can do as an angry consumer…

There is no reason for the credit card companies to make us pay twice to keep them profitable. We bail them out and then they raise our fees on our credit cards.

Do you smell poo?
I do!

It is time for the American Public to stop bitching and complaining about what is going on and take action.

Close the accounts at those institutions that have taken a bailout and screwed you twice by raising your fees.
They need to know that we will move our business elsewhere if we are not treated fairly.

Pay your minimum balances only because now is not the time to worry about paying off your credit cards if you do not have AT LEAST 8 months of living expenses in the bank.

If you lose your job and you cannot afford your credit card payments then you will be screwed if you don’t have an ability to pay your bills in the bank (or under your mattress, depending on your level of trust with the banks).

If you are so over your head in debt don’t feel bad about talking to a lawyer about filing for bankruptcy.
In no way do I see anything that resembles a CONSUMER BAILOUT coming down the pipe in the near future so it is time to take our finances into our own hands and recover along with the banks.

We have already paid them once in the bailout, there is no reason why we should have to pay them again because they are being greedy like spoiled children.

Take charge,