on occasion, i just want to throw him back. then i remember just how much i love him.

It’s a damned good thing this child is so cute!!!!!


“But you LOOK fine!” STFU!!!!

*recently inspired by http://www.giveneyestosee.com



i have been saying for years but have recently, stopped saying because it isn’t worth it to me anymore.

seriously, it is the outward opinion of others that i “look just fine” that drives me to the edge. i look fine. i look so happy. i look like i am truly enjoying life.
if only they knew what it took for me to get out of bed that morning. if they only knew the pain i smile through and the constant movement i create in my body to block the actual pain. if they only knew that sleeping for 12 hours ain’t shit!
if only they knew that i can’t play “slug bug” like everyone else… (god bless my little Milo. i taught him how to play it and keep mom out of pain)

not a day goes by in which i don’t remember or am not reminded that everything SHOULD be fine.

i look fine.

i’m not

i’m tired

i’m in pain but…

i’m strong

i’m hanging in there

i’m on my own timetable

i’m me
i’m living with fibromyalgia and it’s as okay as it’s gonna get for now.

i feel some of what she feels and i don’t feel so alone anymore…..




This one will bring tears to your eyes! i see music as the saving grace for our nations of the world.
just … imagine…music…teaching…cooperation

Bobby McFerrin walks into a UN meeting and leads them in this demonstration of togetherness and cooperation. no need for interpreters, armed guards, lobbyists, nuclear weapons…..

just hearts and sound. music from within.

why is this so hard to imagine?

now listen to it again from the beginning with your eyes closed and see this happen. if we all do this…

it will


no more crack smoking during parenting hours


was i wrong to decide to have an only child?

Milo: mom?
Goddess: huh?
Milo: i got a question for you.
Goddess: (mutters under her breath) i guess i can’t say no. yeah, go ahead.
Milo: if you had the choice, would you be a vampire or a werewolf?
Goddess: i guess i would pick the werewolf
Milo: (walks away dejected. only had a philosophical rant to share if i had answered to the former)
Milo: (pokes head back in doorway) that’s okay, because you don’t have to die. vampires have to be dead for like a whole day.
Goddess: (smiles)
god i wish this kid had siblings.