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My future: destined to be poor, yet filthy rich in joy

Goddess is in a quandary and truly needs to find her way out FAST!!!!

The Do i really need to be filthy rich with money?
is it necessary that i find a way to be comfortable rather than a person who wipes their ass with 50’s?
i have had this sinking feeling over the past few weeks that i am going to be “not rich” for the rest of my life. it’s actually depressing to sit and think about all the great things you have to offer then realize that you may have to take a vow of poverty to achieve that success.

i want to give back to my community, to my family, to people i love.
i don’t want to do it while having to collect cans and bottles to eat.

i am running into a shortfall for income and i now have to look into going back into the corporate world. i know that i will be so horribly miserable if i go back. i won’t last long. i need to feel that the services i offer are worth enough that those willing to partake in them are willing to come out of pocket just a little bit.

i just don’t feel in my heart that people nowadays understand what is truly important.

here is a list

run a website called . it is geared toward being a one stop shop for parents in the local area to locate resources and support groups. you know things that HELP

offer finishing school for children. children are so rude and nasty today. there is a definite need to correct the behaviors of the future of our world

open a daycare. daycare really translates into “i’ll watch your kid, you pay me barely nothing and i get to take your shit and worry about whether you are going to close me down because you THINK i have the POTENTIAL for abuse or neglect because you are having trouble pulling the plank out of your own eye”

i am growing sad and even more sad as the day passes.

something has to change. my negativity is growing and quite frankly, i may just need a desk job to keep my head afloat while i continue to dream about helping people that really don’t give a shit about what they actually could benefit from.

because you know help is ALWAYS free. handouts are ALWAYS the job of someone else. and what’s yours is ALWAYS mine. didn’t they teach you that in finishing school.


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One response to “My future: destined to be poor, yet filthy rich in joy

  1. Your Aunt ⋅

    Dear Goddess,

    You are sad because you are fearful. And that’s totally understandable. But your premise — “I will be poor” — flows from a flawed notion that one job will be your sole source of income and passion. Not if you don’t want it to be.

    I am big on the idea that my job will not be my only source of income, but it will be my primary source of income to fund the other start-ups that will be my alternate sources of income. Don’t be afraid to take a job that pays the bills and funds your dreams, even if it isn’t what you want. There is peace of mind that comes from a steady income, even if it’s from a boring job, and what will sustain you is planning your steps to pursue your dreams and taking steps each and every day towards pursuing your dreams that will lead to alternate sources of income, like the websites you’ve suggested.

    In the meantime, I would urge you to stay positive and stay focused. Be mindful of how you use your time because time is money! If something doesn’t bring you joy or doesn’t further your progress towards achieving your goals, weigh cautiously whether you’ll spend any time on it. Prioritize. You can’t do everything at once. One of my closest friends, who is an educator, learned the hard way. After giving presentation after presentation for free and seeing others turn around and use her work for pay, she adopted the motto, “I don’t do anything for free in my free time.”

    You might want to read the July/August issue of More magazine, which has an article titled, ” “Give Your Career Some Oxygen.” It is about women who breathed life into their day jobs by launching projects on the side. It definitely gave me lift. I know people criticize me as being scattered and flighty, but I don’t care. I do many things well, as do you, and I’m concentrating on monetizing some of them so I can be paid for my passion.

    Finally, Goddess, although I know you see yourself as an educator, i don’t. I see you as someone who is going to change how educators educate, and that means carrying yourself back to school at some point and getting that Ph.D. But that’s just my vision for you; you have to be true to your vision for yourself. You’re more of a change agent to me than someone who just follows what others are doing. Do what you love (even if only on the side) and the money will follow because you’ll be better at it than anyone else.

    You are much more divine than you know, Goddess.


    Your Aunt

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