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How To Better Teach Today’s Children

Interdependence is crucial to a successful society

Not only should children learn to understand and apply lessons and help from parents, they must learn that becoming an adult does not mean moving away completely from family. In order to succeed on their own, children must, not only repay their debt to their parents by being there to assist when needed, they must also know that continuing to support one another helps the entire family. My family unit works closely with one another and assists by assisting when asked and not giving unwarranted advice. We have a good understanding of our family culture and makeup. This allows us to design methods by which we guide one another.

Parents are indispensable in the classroom
There is a need for more supervision in the school. There are many schools in which children are losing their recesses because of limited staff available to watch them on the playground. I see this firsthand as my son in a school in which there is limited staffing at his school and a lack of persons who can help with the basics like lunch, recess, morning line up and classroom assistance. Teachers should not be required to educate alone. With class sizes skyrocketing and students still being left behind regardless of the federal programs like NCLB in effect, parents must be present in outside class activities like field trips as well as in the classroom setting. Field trips and recess and lunch duty will also let the children know that parents are in the community to care and protect. Many children are in the position to forget the rules of home when in a different environment. School is one of those environments in which a parental presence will help keep children’s behavior consistent with family rules and rules of the culture/classroom. It is beneficial for a child to know that a parent or family member can show up unannounced or know a teacher has a number to call to report performance (good and bad).

Social responsibility and its influence
As a parent, I focus on teaching my son that he is not only responsible for what he learns but also for what he does with it. An example I give him is, you can spend your entire life developing the cure for cancer in your kitchen, but it does no good to anyone if you keep it in your kitchen. Children need to be educated to have a purpose in life and to know and feel confident that they can make an indelible impression on the world around them if they apply their lessons on a social level. In working with foster children and in the education field, a great deal of knowledge is right at our fingertips in what we can learn from our students. Being the one who holds a credential to teach does not mean what we teach is unidirectional. We must learn to listen to students; paying attention to cues in order to learn from them how best to teach. This, I believe will make us better educators. There is no reason why children cannot teach us how to be compassionate. If we have forgotten how to share because we can buy what we need as adults we are lost if we cannot remember what it was like to not have what we want. We must remember that our culture is not the only one working in society. We have children from all over the world in varying parts of our own neighborhoods.

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