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My little man of the house and i never designated him as one

*the goddess is cleaning out her post closet*

i asked Milo if it was okay if i have a boyfriend and he said yes. i said is it okay if it is Paul? he said yes. then i hear this voice in a crying jag from the back seat “oh lord! my little mommy has a boyfriend!” i nearly drove off the road i was laughing so hard! i love that boy!
that boy is hilarious. i am glad he got his Cali style humor from his momma. otherwise he would be Woody Allen funny and I’m not too into that kind of humor.
now he is calling his dad to tell. Milo: “i am calling you to inform you on your curiosity quest”. “what were you asking mom about?” “well. i was correct, and yes the answer to that question would be yes.” (this is were his dad starts asking all kinds of questions) “now don’t feel bad.” “okay… okay… not really… well… to inform you… i don’t know…okay… bye”

then he continues to eat his dinner.

My son wanted to break the news to his dad because he knows it would take me about 2 seconds to start cussing him out. I LOVE my son. Thank you God for giving me a kid with such a good and old soul.

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