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Even though she is gone….

i am still haunted by the things she did behind my back. i am losing it over my cell phone bill. she has not enough common sense or conscience to realize that she cannot take a phone that was given to her for contact with home and add 26 dollars worth of ring tones?
yes i am still in not so happy mood but, but damn! is there a way to cleanse my live of the irritation?

some people will say to pray. been there done that still doing that
some people recommend retail therapy. broke and jobless. plus i am paying for the bills she racked up while here.
some people say to let it go. check out my answer to retail therapy part three.

i still want to shake her parents.
i want to shake fate for dealing her such a blow.
i want to yell at the chromosomes in her body for jacking her up beyond what i can handle
i want to napalm the system. they let her down like no child should be let down.

wow! i guess i will have to stick to my same advice that i give to myself and VENT!

in time it will get better.
i pray.


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One response to “Even though she is gone….

  1. Tammy Foster ⋅

    Always remember that you did your best! You did not fail her, she failed herself. I know people do not like to hear it, but things always happen for a reason. There was a reason she came in to your & your son’s life, no matter for what amount of time. It all may not make sense now, but later on down the road the experiences you all shared will have meaning; good or bad. Unfortunately due to her circumstances it will take quite some time for her to come to the realization that she had a very good thing going. Hopefully, with time you all can move on with no regrets and focus on the new opportunities that come your way.
    If you need a friend to talk to…you know I am here. ~Tam

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