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where did the time go?

it is next to impossible to blog when you are a single mother caring for two exceptional children. i have been thinking of topics for a while now and i truly haven’t been able to get it going. i had to post today because we are on the birth control, boyfriend, sex tip today.
DD had a sore throat and demanded that i take her to the doctor. i brought up a whole bunch of other stuff since we were there
i mentioned the boyfriend and then we launched into a question and answer series from hell.

only downside….

i could not be in the room. with my intellectually disabled daughter. i made the suggestions that needed to be made and then was asked to leave the room. WTF!!!!


i stood out there in the hall for close to 20 minutes with my damned feet falling asleep wondering if i was going to pass out when they did call me back into the room. DD came out to take a test and the doctor casually slipped over to me and said “boy you do have your hands full” it was all i could do to keep from laughing. i know my hands are full and the most important thing for me is to keep that childs uterus from becoming full with a child that she has NO IDEA how to care for.

it is amazing how many conversations we have had about sex and birth control and choices in contraception and what will work best for her at her stage of development. it is like a kid in a candy store. i hand her condoms and she is off to the races. i don’t hand her the condoms and she is off to the morgue. it is not a toss-up. i have to do the right thing. she just has to show me that she knows how to use them. i think i will have the boyfriend tell me the same too.

i am a little worried about some of the professionals though. some people think it is cute to have two MR diagnosed people dating. it is not cute when they finally find where they penis goes into the vagina and bam!!. we have babies. and not prepared parents. some days … it’s just… not… cute. Dammit!

i spoke to them today and explained to them that the age of consent in California is 18 for male and female. they are both minors however and it is legal until he turns 18. i lied and told them that it is illegal because she is 3 years younger than him. truly they should not be having sex until he is 21 and she is 18. three years difference is a felony and two years is a misdemeanor. is it really worth it?



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