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No lying children.

I have an issue with the fact that Milo is trying to keep himself out of trouble by lying.
The kids at the boys and girls club took advantage of Milo’s disregard for his things. they had a Santa handing out gifts. Milo unwrapped his shit and then started trading away his things.
Tell me what happened??????
the B&G kids took advantage of him.
I got in his face and asked him where the other FOUR skateboards were. he told me that the kit only came with 2. the kit has a place for SIX! he lied and lied and lied. i told him i was going to WHUP HIS ASS IF HE DID NOT GET BACK THOSE OTHER 4 BOARDS! I had to let him know that i meant business.
he has been doing this for too long and there is no more playing around. he walked over to a kid and got a board back. as i was still talking to him, the other kids knew something was going down. one by one the little kids started walking over and bringing his boards to him. he was bawling and they obviously knew that they were part of the problem. I told him to get in the car and there were STILL kids trying to give his shit back. he now has a total of 4 boards, but he still got a lecture from me and he will still be punished. the point that i made to him is that he has three choices when it comes to situations like this…

be honest ALWAYS. White lies don’t work either.
Protect what is yours. that includes your integrity and well being.
If you let people take advantage of you, THEY WILL

This is not the first time that he has been a doormat for other kids. if he wants to be the kid that is bullied all his life, he should keep this shit up. There is no way that i am going to allow my son to be bullied and taken advantage of. If i do not check him and check him hard right now, he is going to be the kid who does not know how to NOT take candy from a stranger. ya feel me?

He needs to be responsible for himself.
I cannot be there to talk him through life.
He needs to start making some serious decisions now about where he wants to be in 20 years.

I did explain to him that i would appreciate if he not put himself in a position to be taken advantage of because he will find it necessary more than often to have to fight to get his stuff back. i also let him know that if he allowed some to take his stuff from him he better fight to get it back. he would have to answer to me if he came home without his shit and did not look like he beat the hell out of some kid TRYING to get his stuff back.

I love my son. This is however, NOT acceptable and it is no ones fault that his stuff is gone but his own. It is time for him to start thinking SMART and not be so open to attack.

He seems to be thinking about it, but only time will tell.


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2 responses to “No lying children.

  1. bobbi ⋅

    WORD!! do you know how many times i’ve had to tell my girls…you need to start standing up for yourselves NOW – let those little brats know NOW that you’re not putting up with their shit so that when you all get older and they think they are hot shit…in jr high and highschool – you won’t have a problem…they know you’re not taking their shit!!! i told them…if you need to say some things that get you sent to the principles office…i got your back….i will take my ass up in the principles office and get shit straigtened out with the principal, them and their mommas….shoooooooooot – they just don’t know who they are messin with…f’ers! hehe i’m a sweet little cupcake 😉

    • sometimes cupcakes have a bit too. it is insane that people think their kids need to be pushed over. i say teach them to check folks now and they won’t be Columbining folk. better to be seen and heard as your own person than owned by those who could care less about you

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