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life is like a box of chocolates…

you never know what you are gonna get, but you always know that most of them are going to taste like shite and are going to end up back in the package with a bite out of them.

i am one of those chocolates. most people take a bite and realize that they don’t like the taste so they put me back in the box. i get tired though, of people who spend more time taking bites out of me than taking the time to try a second bite.

i am tired of apologizing for how i am.
yes i am funny
yes i am a caring person
yes i have my problems
yes i will listen to yours

unfortunately I DON’T HAVE A FECKING FILTER!!!

things fly out of my mouth and i hurt peoples feelings.
i am tired of being taught a lesson so fuck everyone for the time being. i think that will help me with my sanity.

the reason i stopped making apologies to most people about my personality is that i cannot change it without wanting to slit my wrist to the fucking elbow.


for the most part, i am done with sorry. there are some people who understand me and they will be lifelong friends because they stopped trying to figure me out a long time ago and are willing to accept my apologies when i fuck up (and i am the last person who will EVER admit to being perfect and not making mistakes). thank the lord for patient people who understand that human nature is not to be understood always and sometimes forgiven.

i think that family is the least forgiving and for that, i will say a prayer because i can only take so much.

woooooo saaaaaaah


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