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we want your money and your labor, not your children

The community is connected by a bridge to Ciudad Acuna, Mexico, and like most border cities, the towns operate in tandem, with U.S. citizens and green cardholders living, working and shopping on both sides. All of it is legal, but public school attendance by children living in Mexico is another issue.
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if you read the news story and then you read the posts, i don’t see most of the posters here wanting change. they just want to put up brick walls to keep people out.
what it sounds like is happening in this town is that it seems okay to have the two towns work together for money, i.e. shopping, working etc., but is it too much to also allow the children to attend the schools?

something tells me that if the Los Rios school district expels the Acuna children who cannot provide residency, then perhaps all of the people from Acuna should pull themselves out completely , not just the children who cannot present with proper residency papers (not read: immigration papers) including their labor and cash flow and see what Los Rios can do without them. if it betters their schools and saves them money fine. The people of Acuna can use the money they are not spending in the US to hire US teachers to teach their children in Mexico. Teachers get no respect here and might fare better at a school in Northern Mexico where the parents truly value a quality education for their children and are willing to pay more for it.

I am a living example of the residency issue. I live in a city where there are procedures that will allow you to do an inter-district transfer of your child to another school. I took all of the valid steps to get my son in, but lost out on getting him in because everyone faked papers and used the addresses of people they new in that area to get their kids in. it is a catch-22. you can’t win for losing because if you do it the right way, you get screwed. I can understand what the people of Acuna are doing. they have every right to find an apartment, but why not let education be shared like the trade of workers and money?

maybe it is time for change. let’s look for flexibility in the changes that we can make to improve not just our lives but the lives of many.


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