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Where is my beer President Obama?

Dearest President,

How is it that the two men who behaved badly and one man who perhaps said something that the public didn’t like have the opportunity to have a beer together at the White House?
Don’t get me wrong, Mr. President, but I think there are a lot more people who would love to have you as an audience with regard to things we WILL change. With your help, so many things can change sooner and not later.

Take for instance, I want to have a Boys and Girls Club opened in my neighborhood. Do I have to?
Break into my own house?
Be arrested by a white cop?
Cause a national scandal by having you say the cop was acting stupidly?
Only then would it be possible to have the opportunity to slurp suds with you at the white house to get things done?

Make mine a Guinness draught.


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2 responses to “Where is my beer President Obama?

  1. blackwomanblogging ⋅

    The problem is, women don't show their behinds like men do when their egos flare. Well-behaved women, like the woman who called 911 on Professor Gates, rarely make history. Or get invited to the White House for a beer, for that matter.

    Oh, and it helps if you have connections. If I had known the brother was going to be President, I wouldn't have written him off as an icky smoker with a bad 'fro. See, you never know what people are going to accomplish . . . .

    Screw the B & G thing, I think you ought to own your own private charter school company. School motto: Our Ritalin is a braided switch without leaves.

    I'll buy you that beer, though. You deserve it, SPG.

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