and about the woman who made the call…..

The more I think about it, the more I become irritated with the whole racist issue.
Take the poor woman caller who used her words carefully. She thought before she spoke, she had a basic concern and that was that. She was labeled as a racist who folks, like the president said “acted stupidly” regarding a call they did not hear.
Then we hear the call and we sit and scratch our heads…
‘That was a damned good call’

Believe it or not, this woman was the innocent victim of profiling. We all assumed that a person who would call the police if she saw a black man would automatically assume that she would call in saying
‘A black man is breaking into the house next door. Bring out all units!’

The sky was not falling for this woman and to look more closely, you will see that she is one of the Brown people I talked about in my previous post.

Now we have the Black cop who was there supporting his peer being called an Uncle Tom because he came to the defense of officer Crowley.
Can you give this man a break?

Man, I am all worn out over the hubbub over this mess.

Where is my beer President Obama?


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Teaching moment.

I would be pissed as hell if a person decided that I should be arrested after cussed him out for giving me shit in my own house after I had just gotten back from a trip and had to break in because the damn door was jammed.
If I commit to cussing out officer Crowley because I feel that he singling me out, I should stop and think before I have to step aside for shame to get in line behind my mouth.

I had to put away my Sistah Souljah to think about this subject and speak like a human being and not an angry black woman.

I have to speak to both the left and the right on this story.

Black and Hispanic folks: Not everyone is out to get you.
Sometimes we still need to count to 10 before we open our mouths.
You feel me? Comprende?
Yes Mr. Crowley may have gone a bit too far in the questioning of Mr. Gates after the id was shown, but he was doing his job. He had to maintain public safety. A moment of reflections might have been a good idea for Mr. Gates.

He could have kept his cool and not stepped out on the porch to make a flaming ass of himself while the cop was heading out. You don’t yell at a man’s back in anger. That has got to be a golden rule somewhere on this planet

Where I come from, it is called talking shit.
Don’t start no stuff won’t be no stuff.

Everyone Else:
Protocol is prescribed for a reason and apparently the protocol of the police, when applied to the Black or Brown man is not a balanced one.
A moment of reflection might have been a good one for the police officer as well. He might have had enough time to realize, ‘if I turn around and talk back, will I be doing anyone good? Or is this just me flexing my ego?’
Flex your ego at the pub or at the basketball court when you are playing on the weekend, but don’t do it without thinking.

The more we try to defend what we think is right the more we recognize we are wrong but cannot admit that.

From now on America…

Count to flipping ten before you show your ass.


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life is like a box of chocolates…

you always know that most of them are going to taste like shite and are going to end up back in the package with a bite out of them.

i am tired of apologizing for how i am.
yes i am funny
yes i am a caring person
yes i have my problems
yes i will listen to your

unfortunately I DON’T HAVE A FECKING FILTER!!!

the reason i stopped making apologies to people about my personality is that i cannot change it without wanting to slit my wrist to the fucking elbow.


i am done with sorry. there are some people who understand me and they will be lifelong friends because they stopped trying to figure me out a long time ago. thank the lord for patient people who understand that human nature is not to be understood always and sometimes forgiven.

i think that family is the least forgiving and for that, i will say a prayer because i can only take so much.

woooooo saaaaaaah


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Lose it like you’re getting paid to do it!

I lose it sometimes, and I am proud.
That is not to say that I lose it for the sake of satisfaction of watching little children cower at my feet cringing at the very vibration of my soprano holler…

I have come to realize that in order to make any attempt at raising well balanced, well rounded, self starting children who will be the adults helping you in and out of bed and on and off the bedpans in your old age, you gotta let them see your human side.
It is okay to lose your cool but you have to set the framework up for how you lose it and make sure your children are comfortable with the process.

I used to yell a great deal. Then, one day, I saw my precious child draw back at my noise level. At that point, I decided that I would stop yelling but I would not give up my release of getting angry and losing it from time to time. I think it is perfectly okay for children to see their parents half cocked and looking a bit crazy. Adds to the flavor of the food at dinnertime.

I had a friend in grade school who had parents that would crack me up when they got angry.Her mom would chew her tongue while scolding her.

Try it. I know you want to… 🙂

Her stepfather would point at her with his middle finger when he was scolding. It was extra hilarious to watch them both scolding her at the same time.

ah… childhood…

I am thankful to be growing up alongside a young man who sometimes loses it himself. When he has his moments, we can talk about it and how he feels because he knows that I understand because I have been there and he has been witness; willing and unwilling.

So my advice is to never be afraid to lose your cool in front of your children from time to time…

They will respect you for it.
And you will gain respect in a relationship that at times can make you want to flip your lid.


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Take The Vow of NonViolence at

if everyone left where they were not wanted… where would we all be?

i hear nothing good about the Uighur population in China. it frightens me that so many are unaware of their plight. discrimination in any form is wrong. look at the swimming pool in suburban Pennsylvania. that’s right Pennsylvania USA. it scares me. they Uighur people need to keep fighting for their rights. think about it…

The president made a joke about them.
we can’t get anyone to take them from Gitmo.
Michael Jackson died and the world stopped talking about the many others who died that day.
and most people can’t spell the word Uighur. hell. i can’t spell it.

but they are human beings and in need of support. the bad part is that they are a Muslim people and so many negative images and ideas of the Muslim people have been dragged through the news media and Internet, that they are immediately shunned for wanting to have a better life, better jobs, better schools. better ability to be themselves in a county of opposites.

over 180 people have been killed and it is time it stopped.

what can we do?

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