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The Modern Depression

Let me give you a little meat and potatoes on what folks keep calling a “recession”.
We are not in a recession folks. We are in a DEPRESSION.
Times are so bad now that when you see folks dropping off their children at school and they have a bunch of furniture loaded into the back of their truck that child is not going home at the end of the day.

People are out of food.

Senior Citizens cannot afford their oil for heat or their prescriptions.

This, my people, is a DEPRESSION.
Where people are walking away from their homes because there is no money in the banks to help them refinance and make their payments lower or more manageable.

Can you smell a Depression here?
This depression is different than the last depression we had in the 30s. This is a modern depression. We still have the technological advancements that make it seem like we are just having a downturn in the economy, but being one of lower middle class folks, I know times are hard. We have the “things” that make us feel we have been successful so we feel safe. Internet, Wi-Fi and Cable TV does not a safe economy make.

Bernanke decides that we are going to come out of this recession near the end of ’09. WTF???? No way. Businesses may come out of the recession, but the people who all lost their jobs and the families that are now living in cars and shelters because of downsizing will not recover by the end of ’09.

We, my people, are in a Depression.

I do not foresee a recovery for the working stiff for the next 3 years.
How can Bernanke even open his mouth and talk about business recovering (the same folks that got us here in the first place) and not speak about and to the people and about OUR recovery. The only person who has been speaking about a recovery for the people and not the businesses has bee our President and we all know he doesn’t have a lot of friends in Congress. Everyone seems to be thinking only of the big businesses and worry that anything that will help the people spells increasing taxes for business. I say so what! It is time you pay for dragging us down with you. Please remember, that we did loan you the money to get out of the hole you dug.

I am a patient woman most of the time and I have tried to be patient about this, but now is the time for us to help ourselves. It seems that most of government is not on our side and only on the side of their wallets and bank accounts.

Lord help us. We will pull through because we have been in this bad situation for quite some time but we have to do it together.

Just like most grass roots activists say. Talk to the people what don’t want to listen and then talk to to the people who will listen and will put a bug in the ear of the folks who don’t.

They need to be reminded that there are people down here. The people they call their constituents. the same people on whose backs they are standing on . The same people on whose shoulders they leave their political mud on who need help now. Not later.

Change is good.
Don’t run from it.
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