Inspired by Another day, another thought…or two.

She took it there , and I followed it up…

6am alarm wakes my from my fitful slumber
630 you can only hit the snooze so many times
635 realize Wii Fit board batteries are dead and there are no spares in the house. YAY! *sarcasm*
640 into the kitchen to make lunches for the day. Vegetarian child gets a PB&J and mom gets leftovers.
7a 1st attempt to wake sleeping beauty from his peaceful rest (at least he’s not in my bed)
705 second pass by the door politely asking him to rise but he ain’t no Lazarus
710 pulling sheet from the bed *toys and the 2 lazy beagles of the house fly everywhere*
715 toss shoes at boy and remind him that he is leaving the house at 720 naked or fully clothed. it is up to him
735 still looking for my keys
740 on the road, on a tear, on the phone to boss calling in late *sigh*
8ish *insert daily work BS here*
5pm pick up son and nephew for karate. the boys change in the car and man do they stink! the feet need sandblasting.
517 being on time for karate is a pipe dream. still trying to convince sensei to change the time to 530
615 home for dinner and homework.
8p nephew home and boy in bed by 830 *insert mad laugh here*
830 friendly game of chess substitutes in for the bedtime story
9p my 30 minutes of bliss

my day.