What you can do as an angry consumer…

There is no reason for the credit card companies to make us pay twice to keep them profitable. We bail them out and then they raise our fees on our credit cards.

Do you smell poo?
I do!

It is time for the American Public to stop bitching and complaining about what is going on and take action.

Close the accounts at those institutions that have taken a bailout and screwed you twice by raising your fees.
They need to know that we will move our business elsewhere if we are not treated fairly.

Pay your minimum balances only because now is not the time to worry about paying off your credit cards if you do not have AT LEAST 8 months of living expenses in the bank.

If you lose your job and you cannot afford your credit card payments then you will be screwed if you don’t have an ability to pay your bills in the bank (or under your mattress, depending on your level of trust with the banks).

If you are so over your head in debt don’t feel bad about talking to a lawyer about filing for bankruptcy.
In no way do I see anything that resembles a CONSUMER BAILOUT coming down the pipe in the near future so it is time to take our finances into our own hands and recover along with the banks.

We have already paid them once in the bailout, there is no reason why we should have to pay them again because they are being greedy like spoiled children.

Take charge,