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what would I give up to have a contract RIGHT NOW!

what would i give up RIGHT NOW for a contract.

I would give up that paid FLMAwithout a doubt. They do need to back down on some stuff because some of them are still thinking like it is 1980. You can’t always get what you want. The worst part is that they are ripping us off on the health care. There is no way to get them to hear what we are thinking. That is the problem.
If we speak out against the union, they point us out to be union crashers. So be it I say. I have no shame in telling them that they are asking for to much and fighting a fight that I don’t think we can win on the backs of the employees.
The employees are stuck in the middle between the union and the corporation and the only folks who will suffer will be us.
I would love to get the jobs back to CA and the people who got screwed out of jobs a good deal too. We can handle not having more money. We just need to be able to take care of our health without having to file for bankruptcy.

Sometimes I feel like the union did not take enough time to hear how we felt and what we really wanted to fight about.
We got a survey out that gave us an opportunity to vote on what we were willing to strike for but we never got a return on that survey when it came time to authorize a strike. I would have felt more comfortable making a decision on something that might send me into bankruptcy court.

Was my decision to vote “no” appropriate? yes. Did it make a difference? Not to the union or the members who voted yes but doing the best and voting your conscience is the best that you can do.

I have enjoyed a wonderful Easter and hope that we don’t have to go through the whole crucifiction thing again during negotiations.



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