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Tell ATT to do what is right

It’s happening again. Another big corporation is looking out for its executives and big investors at the expense of workers.

This time, it’s AT&T. In contract negotiations with CWA, the company keeps pushing for cuts in quality jobs, health care benefits, and standard of living increases.

The contract has expired, and CWA’s bargaining committees are working nonstop to try to reach an agreement with AT&T. But the company won’t budge. We need 10,000 signatures on our petition of support in the next week to show AT&T that the whole union is mobilized behind our bargaining teams.

Will you sign?

AT&T claims that these cuts are necessary because of the poor economy. They’ve even had the nerve to compare telecom to the auto industry, even though telecom continues to expand and remain profitable. Just last year, AT&T made $12.9 billion in profits — almost a billion more than the previous year.

AT&T can and should be a leader in supporting quality middle class jobs and benefits. That makes communities and our economy stronger. Instead, AT&T wants to increase profits by taking money out of the pockets of its workforce and even its retirees.

We’ve shown the company how to save money without massive cost-shifting; yet their only objective is to make workers pay more. Clearly, AT&T is looking for scapegoats, not solutions.

Tell AT&T to do the right thing — sign our petition urging the company stop trying to cut jobs and benefits:

Fortune Magazine recently named AT&T the world’s Most Admired Telecom Company. In response, the company’s chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson said, “This honor is a real tribute to the competitive drive, the passion to serve and the innovative spirit that defines the people of AT&T.”

But the company’s actions speak louder than its words. If it really cares about its employees, AT&T will stop trying to squeeze the wage increases and benefits they’ve earned out of them, and start supporting more quality jobs, a better standard of living, and real health care reform.

The current contract negotiations with AT&T are a critical moment for our union, for workers across the country, and for the U.S. economy. In these tough times, the best thing we can do is strengthen American workers and the middle class — and that means ensuring there are more quality jobs with good wages and health care for all.

Show AT&T that CWA is standing strong — sign our petition right now:

In solidarity,

Annie Hill
Executive Vice President


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