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Bring on the procession of single men!

Sometimes I just get these thoughts in my head and I toss them around and then throw them away. Some of the thoughts stay and boy has Arranged Marriage stuck with me!

Who better to pick someone who would be great for you than someone else?
The people doing the choosing are also relatives of yours? Aren’t there some Thanksgiving dinners where you just want to throw a roll at your Uncle Tony or hide the liquor from Auntie CeeCee?
Yeah. I bet you feel me on this one.
They want what is best for you as well as your family even if they are drunks and criminals.

Someone please tell me how an adaptation of Arranged Marriages can work in America. I am Sooooooo open to this idea it is scary.

first comes compatibility then comes love.
Somehow it makes more sense to me.

Help a sistah out


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