Changing my affiliation

So I own a volkswagon. I love the car. I love working on it. I love the independence from modern comforts and the feeling of being in complete control of my driving experience.

The trouble I have is the lack of people who LOOK like me in this group of aficionados. Today, I decided to venture out and caravan to a for-charity event for a therapeutic horse ranch for children with disabilities.

See hardly any people of color. If anyone remembers my experience at the rodeo will understand how I feel now. I am surrounded by a million people who are either white or hispanic and I get the idea that they are not too fond of my people. I feel out of place here but I figure that I need to go up to every last person of color, introduce myself and ask them what club they are in.

It may be fine time that I find a black VW owner club.

Maybe it is just the area I live in.

Maybe it is the people. They all seem kind of lost too. Like they are trying to find a place to belong too.

I am still enjoying myself. The weather is beautiful, the music is good enough.

I can't complain.

I will just keep searching…

L. Gracie Phillips