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Why strike?

Why strike?

50 years ago, strikes were important
there 470 strikes in 1952

just last year there were only 50 strikes of more than 1000 employees

there is a better way to assist in change for us and for the union. i believe the media is our best form of leverage in changing what we want at our jobs.

we all know what is going wrong at ATT . why not blow the whistle on them?

now is the time to use what you find against a company.

there is so much that the public is unaware of. things that they might want to know.

say the 5000 jobs that were brought back to America. ATT created jobs in new call centers and then PURCHASED the contract call centers in India!

think about it. they now own the centers in India and can do what they want.
instead of the customers getting Prahad and Bhagavad for DSL support questions they now get Dick and Susie from Wisconsin. The downside to this is now the internal customer, read: employees can now spend countless non-productive ours at work attempting to garner assistance for their computer and technical issues.

for example, i have had a phone down at my desk since about the 14th of March. we no longer have a number to call first to expedite assistance with work related technical issues, we have to go online and create a ticket number.

that ticket is funneled through Georgia and most likely ends up in Madhapur India where mine did. I post no ill will to the workers in India. they need jobs too, but training is very important when dealing with company infrastructure.

I have a soft phone or what most people would call VOIP at my desk. one down side to it is that it is not VOIP but instead a soft phone that uses an ISDN circuit. this leads to many problems. instead of all of the system being virtual, most of it is.

technical assistance is only offered for the virtual phone. I knew after changing out equipment, doing downloads, updating, installing and uninstalling etc, that it was a physical problem that needed a telephone technician to repair.

I would figure that i know this because i know a little about phones as i work for the phone company. meh!

still i prescribed to the company idea that that trouble ticket i opened would eventually be turned into a work order and a tech would come out.

i got an email message on Wednesday from a ‘tech’ saying he would be at my desk.
it was the company computer guy. he did an un-install, install, update yada yada yada. i think you get the picture. before he even sat down, he knew that he was not going to be able to help. obviously, he had been here done this’ before.

he still took his 25 minutes assigned to prove out the program issue.

1 down… how many more to go?

he closed my ticket.
there would be no other person coming out.
i now had to create another ticket.
i got to Georgia this time. that is Georgia in the US and not Georgia in the Ukraine 🙂
i sat at my desk and had them access my computer remotely to download a new push into the equipment that i had already changed out and tested at another station and had proved out that it wasn’t the equipment.
she did her best. i thanked her proficiently, she said she would watch the ticket closely and the then she referred it back to the company computer guy.

he got a message from me that said “don’t bother to come out. enjoy your lunch”

it was at this time that i tried to take a familiar path.
i called REPAIR!!!!!
me and the rep on the line had a good laugh. she knew she couldn’t help me and i knew too, but i just had to vent to someone who actually understood the ridiculousness of the whole situation.

i told her that all i wanted was a warm body with a tool belt to come on down and fix my phone. the guy with the clipboard was wasting his time.

she laughed, i laughed . it was all good.

by now, Georgia had closed my ticket.
Hello again to limbo.
so my boss overhears me making the warm body and a tool belt comment and decides that it is time for him to step and an be more professional. hahahahaha
it was time to allow my manager to feel my pain.
i could not get an answer from him in the beginning, but somehow he felt that he could get things moving for me now.

i have never enjoyed a watching a man squirm as much as i did this day. hahahahaha!
i followed him to his office and watched him go through all the motions. he was not nice for long. i was sitting there waiting for his bells palsy to come back he was so stressed!
after he asked for a manager a couple of times and got his nose bit a couple of times, he tells me that he has a tech coming out on Monday.

stay tuned. ..

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

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