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how can they get away with this?

is it going to be possible for us to report ways that corporations are shuffling their structure around to appear to be helping the american public.

i work for ATT and they promised to bring back 5000 american jobs from overseas. what they did was switch the customer facing foreign workers with the internal workers. Now the employees calling internally are getting all of the representatives from overseas. for example, my desk phone has been broken for over 5 days. i could only send an email to report trouble. i had to wait a number of days for a response and my response came from a internal repair rep in madhupar india!!! he could not help me and i am still waiting for a message to be passed to the technician who walks the halls of the building i work in. i have found that it is next to impossible to ask for change from a company that does not want to change. the change should be expected and demanded by our goverment. more regulatioin for how employees are managed. we have full departments that are laden in red tape and beuracracy to manage the consumers protection, but somewhere employees have been left out. unions are not doing what they can because they have no support and big business is almost impossible to fight without that help.
thank you for your time.

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