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Where is the line with you…

OMG! I think there must be a fantastic new driving school for not-so-brights, the inbred and crackheads!

At least once a week this car parks in front of my house and leaves it's ass partially blocking my driveway.

I am not sure what imaginary garbage can might be sitting out there 4 days early for pickup, but I wish they would just imagine they are bumping it and pull up a little further. Maybe they are parking in front of my house because of all the imaginary cars in front of the one across the street.

Granted, they only parked there for 15 or so minutes but Damn! I was trying to leave my house!!!

I need smarter neighbors. Anyone know where I can buy a few freeze dried – like Sea Monkeys? Add water and "POP"…

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L. Gracie Phillips


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