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with reference to black history month and all that perhaps my brothers and sister feel they deserve and what they actually should be getting…

on the opposite yet same end of the spectrum as you (amykay) in thought. however, it is a little more bizarre for me because i am a black woman. when i say that reparations is a crock of hooey, folks look at me like my head rolled off my shoulders and hit their new Jordan’s.
i know what i know and i know that i grew up in a household and a family full of adults who lived through the labeled drinking fountains and bathrooms.
my grandfather was there when the young people who wanted to register voters turned up missing and then were found dead.
i can ask many many relatives about Emmet Till and they will cry when they relate the story of that day.
i know why the caged bird sings…

however, i do not believe that the caged bird should forever bind itself to the cage. also, should the caged bird be willing to unlatch the blessed “protection” of the cage and be willing to take flight. to soar with other birds. to experience the wind currents beneath it’s wings.

if i am qualified, hire me. if you choose not to hire me because you are only 35 and you grew up in a house where my people were call “niggers” on a daily basis. where it was the norm and you thought nothing of it until you went away to college and realized that we were human too.

if i want to rent from you and and clear a deal with me on the phone and suddenly the aparment is rented shortly after my personal visit, to hell with you.

i grew up in a household of acceptance of EVERYONE no matter what they did to you. i grew up in a town where i was one of only 4 black kids. i remember that is where i learned the names that they called us. it was just the norm because they never had to confront us. when we moved into town, we threw it in their faces. as depressing as that seemed for us, imagine how it much have felt to their kids who grew up and thought about their upbringing and felt it wrong?


yes. only in the eyes of the Lord.
yes. only in the eyes of the Law.
perhaps one day in the distant future when all the influences that change the thinking of young children have passed away

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