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what i find sexy….

– glasses on a man (especially the horn rimmed type)

– intelligence

-tanned construction workers

-gold jewelry and belly chains

-Erotic Fiction written by women for women

-irish men ALL irish men (except my ex husband)

-having the wind blow through my hair


-any person not offensively skinny (and you know what i mean) men and women

-a hand on my knee

– still Polo after all these years

-pet names

– clean shaven faces for sure.

– The way i can make a man stop and stair if i wanted to (still funny when i do)

-cleavage…. LOTS of cleavage (that’s what stops the men :))

– dark eyeliner

-long lashes

– tattoos that only i know exist and an appreciation by the man i am with when he does find them 😉

– sophistication in a man’s voice
– a man with more to do than he has to say hahahahahah!

– Certain songs with certain rhythms that make you imagine certain things!! Rhythm is key after all 😉 i am just going to steal this one. just not porn music. hee hee

What do you find sexy???


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