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Santa Who?

i’m busted!

my son has been bugging me over the past week about Santa…
he keeps coming at me with “what is Santa really?”

i danced around it long enough.

i explained to him that Santa is an idea. a fantastic idea that some parents use to convince their children to behave through the year. it seems easier to please a person who is larger than life than to please your parents sometimes. i told him that Santa is just like the imaginary friends that he has. while he is playing with them, they are real to him.
i told him that he can still believe in Santa. he just has to understand that the gifts do come from mom and dad mostly. i had to explain to him that it is the spirit of chirstmas that keeps the idea and concept of Santa alive.
i didn’t bring up the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairie, or the Sandman or anyone else in the land of make believe. he took my answer. i did express to him that it was very important not to share the information because it would break the hearts of the other
kids who truly believe that santa is real. i told him that Christmas will not change. gifts will still be addressed from Santa. that is how we celebrate christmas with Santa.
i also asked my son what the real reason why celebrate christmas is. he knew it was about Mary and Joseph and Jesus. i explained to him that Jesus was a very important person in our lives because he gave the ultimate sacrifice to save us all. i let him know that God was very upset with us because we were not following the rules and behaving like sensible people should. and that God gave us 2 more chances. he would send his Son to remind us how we were supposed to act. when we didn’t listen to his Son, God decided that he had to sacrifice his only son to help us understand just how precious life is and how important it is to listen to and learn about the right way to behave and live.
i said that Jesus was a very important guy and that what better way to celebrate his birthday than to share the concept of the gift that he gave to us by giving gifts to other in remembrance of what he did.
somehow, i see this all coming back to hit me in the face, but i couldn’t keep dodging the subject. he really wanted to know and he was okay with my explanation.

life goes on

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