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so the fuck what if you own a shop?
do you think your shit stopped stinking when you signed the lease?

i am willing to bet you it didn’t

taking advantage of a sistah
because she wants to wear her hair in natural twists
charging her 40 bucks an hour for wanting to preserve her beauty
her natural beauty

jacking a brother by closing your shop before 8
the negroes with jobs can just cut their own damn hair
to hell with the working stiff

try to make it easy on us working mothers
with boys with hair
and no daddies to take them to the shop.

have sympathy for the daddies
doing it on their own
trying to make a home
scrounging for a bone

let us get houses
get dinner on
take a squat
rest our weary heads

allow us to pray
for the blessing of the day
that God has given us;
healthy children
steady income
running car

don’t look at us and nod your head like we are one of your homies.
ask us if we need help
call us ma’am
call us sir
call us because we pay you
without us
there would be no lease
there would be no “open” sign
there would be no shop
there would be no you

just a brotha on the corner
trying to hustle a dime
trying to make a buck
down on his luck

don’t you mutter “what the fuck?”



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a single parent comments on life and the pursuit of sleep. politics and current issues fall into play on the daily. read up

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