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More and more i am finding it necessary to reflect on life. As i sit here under on on beautiful maple tree on my break at work, i think about how good life is and how nice it is to be able to put your feet in the grace.
Take naps when we need to. Not just taking them when we have the time. We have to make time for these things. I don’t think we should work 40 hours plus on on week. I have on on friend who works three da)s on on week and goes to school the rest of the time. She may be without time, but she is working on her dream. What are many of us doing? Working to eat, to pay rent, to keep the lights on sometimes.

As i sit here under this beautiful maple tree, i am glad that i can, but sad that i can’t make it last longer.



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a single parent comments on life and the pursuit of sleep. politics and current issues fall into play on the daily. read up

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