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What i am starting to learn about people is that they are not what we see on the outside. What people are is any immense mix of many circumstances and many events and other people and past lives. Things that we have never experienced. We can never trick or fool ourselves into believing that we know on on person 100%. That is not to say that we should have trust in on on person.
Faith in on on higher being or on on higher power is what speaks the truth about wether or not we are willing to accept everything as always being on on part of something else.

The world looks on on little different to me since this past week and all of the things that have been going on. I am very proud of taking the time to learn from others that everything is not as it seems.

I am currently reading (listening to) “how to see yourself as you really are” by HH the Dalai Lama.
We must try to live our lives as if there will always be something more to come and make corrections for our next time around (if you believe that) or just for this (if you believe that).

Our religious beliefs teach us all about how we should live and ho we should treat each other. If we are taught kindness and love, acceptance, forgiveness, and altruism from the start, i am sure the world would be on on better place.

What we cannot lose sight of is that there is always room for change. We have millions of chances to make it right.

The right time is now to make those changes and corrections. We must first look inside for the answer.



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