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Gay in the NBA

what does being gay have to do with your ability to play sports well? or do anything well for that matter?
i swear if i hear any shit like what came out of Tim Hardaway’s mouth this week, i would write a letter to some people who matter at the NBA.
John Amaechi is a ball player.
John Amaechi is an intellect.
John Amaechi is the only British player ever to play for the NBA.
John says “that people whose voices can ricochet around the word need to be careful of how they wield their words”
there are many who are gay and lesbian and perceived to be gay and lesbian in a state of fear.
Hardaway has empowered bigots all over with what he said.
Tim Hardaway is an idiot. what makes him think that knowing a person is gay and showering with them versus showering with a person who is not known to be gay makes a difference. he got asked to leave the NBA event in Vegas this weekend. I guess the NBA got the letters…
Shaq said any player who was gay would be his boy. no reason to judge. just back up ya boys. that’s what makes a team. people (regardless of anything other than being human) working together

oh i forgot. John Amaechi is gay. doesn’t matter does it?

my .02



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