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9/11… the documentary just aired on CBS tonight

just saw the documentary 9/11 on tv.
it was a documentary done by two french brothers who wanted to do a documentary showing a rookie’s probationary period on the new york city fire department.

now i know where all of that uncanny footage came from. it is amazing to see some of the shots they got. they were there just to watch a “probie” earn his stripes and wound up recording history. amazing.
the entire fire house that they were filming at went in first and all got out alive. they guys really have not been the same since. most of them are scarred and get teared up just thinking about it. they all lost brother’s from the fire force that day. many of them retired or went on to different houses and whatnot, but they all seem to have had the same question fired at them.

“why did you all survive?”
that is, i think, the equivalent of asking someone “why didn’t you die?”

i think many of them are suffering from survivor’s guilt.
those poor men
those poor women
those poor families
out poor country
i don’t know why we don’t have the monument built.
i caught a news story about on built overseas that is being visited because we can’t get our shit together to give our families somewhere to go. there is a monument at the fire station that sits across from where the towers used to be. amazing.

i hope tomorrow can be a day of mourning. a day of remembrance, and most of all, a day never to forget.



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